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Big bass on ice: Earning Fish of the Week

Charlie Gimmler earned FOTW honors with a big largemouth bass caught while ice fishing.

Charlie Gimmler with a big largemouth bass, estimated at 6 pounds, caught on a tip-up in Will County.

Charlie Gimmler messaged, “Hey, Scott [Oglanian] told me to send this to you, haha.”

There hasn’t been much of an ice-fishing season, but good fish are being caught, such as this largemouth bass, estimated at 6 pounds. Gimmler messaged that he caught it on a tip-up in Will County.

Oglanian is a good person to take advice from. He twice earned FOTW in the last four months, including for an 8-pound, 10-ounce largemouth caught on Oct. 1. Click here for that story.

FOTW, the celebration of big fish and their stories (the stories matter) around Chicago fishing, runs Wednesdays in the Sun-Times. Submit nominations by message on Facebook (Dale Bowman), on Twitter (@BowmanOutside) and Instagram (@BowmanOutside) or email (