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ENDORSEMENT: Tommy Hanson for Congress in 5th District Republican primary

Your choices in this Republican primary are not good.

Endorsement, Tommy Hanson, 2020 5th District Congressional Republican primary election.
Tommy Hanson is endorsed by the Sun-Times in the 5th District congressional Republican primary.
Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Your choices in this Republican primary are not good.

You can vote for Tommy Hanson, a commercial real estate manager whose views on the issues are to the right of many or most Republicans. Or you can vote for Kimball Ladien, a doctor who is invested in at least one bizarre conspiracy theory that’s not worth passing along here.

Our unenthusiastic endorsement goes to Hanson, though he believes climate change is — in capital letters — “AS REAL AS THE EASTER BUNNY AND SANTA.”

Your third choice might be to sit this one out.

Endorsement, 5th Congressional District map, U.S. House, Illinois
5th Congressional District map.
Illustration by Caroline Hurley

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