The trains could hit the rails as early as 2027 on the Rock Island line, potentially fast-tracking a move to greener service. One expert praised the purchase as a “major move” to address changing ridership habits.
Cars broke off from a larger caravan and traveled to 103rd Street and California Avenue, where they blocked an intersection and “drove in circles at dangerous, high rates of speed,” an alderperson said. Two teens were arrested and cars seized, he said.
The 46th annual parade along Western Avenue will be held March 17.
Jeff Pettiford says his family was “shaken up and anxious” when his wife and daughter were attacked and two of their cars stolen in a period of two weeks. “It was kind of surreal,” Pettiford told the Sun-Times.
A woman and her 12-year-old daughter were attacked as they returned home Nov. 2, and their car was stolen. Thieves made off with their other car Tuesday morning, but police recovered it a short while later.
The boy’s grandfather said the child was angry that his mother asked him to clean up around the house. He grabbed a gun from his mother’s purse. No one was hurt.
The suspect was described as a Black male, wearing dark clothing and a face covering, officials said. He fled on foot westbound on West 99th Street, authorities said.
Danny Golden and his brother, John, were wounded breaking up a fight at a Beverly bar in 2022.
The downtown St. Patrick’s Day Parade is Saturday, and the South Side Irish Parade is Sunday.
Danny Golden was released a month after the Beverly shooting that left him paralyzed. He was greeted by cheers from dozens of supporters and loved ones.
“My son is very tough and strong. He will get through this,” Patrick Golden, father of Daniel Golden, the wounded officer, said Friday. “Seeing people out here today is so uplifting and incredible.”
The officer was in fair condition after the early-morning shooting.
“God’s smiling on the South Side for this great coming out party,” Sen. Dick Durbin told reporters near the start of the parade route.
The man pulled out his gun and shot one of the males in the knee.
At least 12 new cameras are to be installed in the 19th Ward neighborhoods after a fatal carjacking and mass shooting in the past year.
The carjacking happened Saturday in the 9900 block of South Western Avenue.
“I’m reaching for anything to get control of the utter lawlessness that regularly occurs at the front door to that cemetery,” Ald. Matt O’Shea said.
The felon, who was secretly cooperating with law enforcement, allegedly told him which guns he wanted and gave him the money to buy them, along with an extra $250 per gun, according to prosecutors.
In each case, the victim was at a gas station in the 9900 block of South Western Avenue when one or two men jumped into their vehicle and drove off, police said.