Danny Golden was released a month after the Beverly shooting that left him paralyzed. He was greeted by cheers from dozens of supporters and loved ones.
“My son is very tough and strong. He will get through this,” Patrick Golden, father of Daniel Golden, the wounded officer, said Friday. “Seeing people out here today is so uplifting and incredible.”
The officer was in fair condition after the early-morning shooting.
“God’s smiling on the South Side for this great coming out party,” Sen. Dick Durbin told reporters near the start of the parade route.
The man pulled out his gun and shot one of the males in the knee.
At least 12 new cameras are to be installed in the 19th Ward neighborhoods after a fatal carjacking and mass shooting in the past year.
The carjacking happened Saturday in the 9900 block of South Western Avenue.
“I’m reaching for anything to get control of the utter lawlessness that regularly occurs at the front door to that cemetery,” Ald. Matt O’Shea said.
The felon, who was secretly cooperating with law enforcement, allegedly told him which guns he wanted and gave him the money to buy them, along with an extra $250 per gun, according to prosecutors.
In each case, the victim was at a gas station in the 9900 block of South Western Avenue when one or two men jumped into their vehicle and drove off, police said.
In each case, someone entered an unlocked garage and took bikes and tools, according to Chicago police.
“There are grave concerns about having events with this many people,” said Ald. Matt O’Shea, whose ward hosts the South Side parade.
The suspects were clad in black and took cash from registers and ATMs.
The latest was Feb. 8 where a 91-year-old woman died of hypothermia after she was found unresponsive on a sidewalk in Beverly.
The project was assigned by three kindergarten teachers, all of whom are white, at a top-rated neighborhood public school on the South Side.
Over 130 students were home sick Monday, prompting an all-online ‘E-learning’ day Tuesday.
An “E-learning” day is scheduled for Tuesday in lieu of in-person class instruction, school officials said in an email Monday.
He worked for 45 years with people with disabilities and ‘became an icon in the game of wheelchair basketball.’
Gregory Donner was arrested after going in a woman’s yard in the 9000 block of South Hoyne Avenue and then climbing fences into neighboring yards.