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Bill Clinton to tour early learning center on South Side

Clinton’s tyke hike: Sneed has learned that former President Bill Clinton, who hits the glitzy Paris Club on Friday night to fuel $$$$ into Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s campaign coffers, is also taking a tyke hike to Englewood.

◆ Translation: It’s hush-hush, but Sneed is told Clinton requested a visit to a South Side early learning center Friday afternoon in Englewood — before the 6 p.m. downtown Rahm fundraiser.

“The former president, who will be accompanied by Mayor Emanuel, was so impressed when he heard about the work done at the Englewood center, which was the first of its kind in the community,” a source said. “The center even offers wraparound and health services for families, in addition to full day early learning and pre-K.”

Clinton “personally requested to show up early for a tour before the fundraising event.”

The visit will be more than just the speaking event highlighting Emanuel’s efforts to increase access to early childhood education throughout the city and the $36 million the city has spent on early learning during Emanuel’s administration.

◆ Photo op pop! “They are also going to meet with little tykes and staff at the facility,” the source said. “The former president loves that sort of thing.”

The soiree at Paris Club, titled “An Evening with President Clinton and Mayor Emanuel,” will feature the band The Head and the Heart and cost $250 minimum to enter. A seat will run you $1,000, though you could spend up to $25,000 to be a chair of the event.