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Feds charge Chicago man with sharing ex girlfriend’s nudes with her family

The woman contacted the FBI, telling them she left Chicago “out of fear of this man,” according to the criminal complaint.

Two men have been charged in federal court with conspiring to loot three Walrgeens pharmacies May 31, 2020, on the Northwest Side.
Dirksen Federal Courthouse in Chicago
Sun-Times file photo

A Chicago man is facing federal cyberstalking charges for allegedly sharing his ex-girlfriend’s nude photos with her family, friends and co-workers and creating fake websites and social media accounts in her name to further embarrass her.

Vincent Storme, 32, harassed the woman so much, she told the FBI she left the city “out of fear of this man,” according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

“He has physically overpowered me before, and his unhinged behavior online keeps escalating,” the 26-year-old woman is quoted as saying in the criminal complaint. “I am terrified.”

After the couple’s relationship ended in May, Storme went through the woman’s cellphone without her consent and retrieved the photos before sharing them, prosecutors said.

Storme published a 9,000-word screed detailing his negative thoughts about his ex on a website he created, the complaint said. He also allegedly published several of the woman’s personal texts on the site, including some messages that were sexually explicit.

Federal investigators were able to link to Strome to the website and several other social media accounts created in the woman’s name, the complaint said.

The woman contacted the FBI in June, discussing how she was affected by Strome’s alleged actions.

“I have missed two weeks of work and lost 10 pounds since May 31,” she wrote. “The emotional distress is unbearable and I have sought therapy and the help of lawyers and police officers.”

Storme was arrested Wednesday and charged with cyberstalking. If he’s convicted, he faces up to five years in federal prison.

Storme’s detention hearing is scheduled for Friday afternoon.