Obama “Countdown” with host Bill Burton.

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WASHINGTON–Obama spokesman Bill Burton on Monday night, erev elections in Kentucky and Oregon, presents the latest Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) stats: 14.5 delegates to clinch the pledged delegate majority and 110 superD’s needed to become the presumptive Democratic nominee. Tuesday Obama plans to make what he called the “very strong claim” that he won. “This is nowhere near over,” said Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.)

This just in from the e-mail of Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton

COUNTDOWN TO THE NOMINATION: 14.5 to a majority of pledged delegates; 110 to secure the nomination

This weekend and today, Obama picked up the support of 9 superdelegates and 3 pledged delegates meaning that Obama needs 14.5 pledged delegates to win a majority of pledged delegates and 110 delegates to secure the nomination.

New Superdelegates:

Cindy Spanyers and Blake Johnson from Alaska

Larry Gates from Kansas

Greg Pecoraro from Maryland

Dwight Pelz from Washington State

Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia

1 add-on delegate in Kansas (Lt. Gov. Mark Parkinson)

2 add-on delegates in California

New pledged delegates:

1 pledged delegate in Nevada reallocated because of the state convention

2 additional delegates previously pledged to John Edwards (for a total of 9 Edwards pledged delegates now supporting Obama)

The Math

Total Pledged Delegates: 3,253

Pledged Delegates needed for majority: 1,627

Total delegates needed for nomination: 2026

Edwards pledged delegates now supporting Obama: 9

Obama Pledged Delegates: 1,603.5

Obama Superdelegates: 303.5

Obama Total Delegates: 1,916

Number of pledged delegates Obama needs for a majority of pledged delegates: 14.5

Number of delegates Obama needs to secure the nomination: 110

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