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Veteran McCown states his case to join Bears

Josh McCown is 30 years old, and he hasn’t started a game since 2007. So he doesn’t exactly have a ton of options, which is why he’s lobbying for a chance to back up starting Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

“I understand right now there’s not anybody beating down my door to be a starter,” McCown told “So understanding that, where do you go to be in a great situation where you are a backup? For me, in Mike Martz’s offense and where I’m at in my career, I feel comfortable with [coming to Chicago]. The fact that Jay is there doesn’t affect me at all, and probably gets me more excited because you get to work with a guy that talented, and hopefully help the coaches get the best out of him.

“The commitment they have to Jay, there’s nothing you can do coming in to get on the field. So for me, my motivation would be to come in and help him be the best he can be, but also get myself ready so if anything happens to Jay, I would be able to help the team win games.”

That McCown worked with Mike Martz in Detroit in 2006 certainly doesn’t hurt him.

“Early on [in Detroit] it was tough because Mike was very hard and very demanding on younger quarterbacks, and the volume of the system was very demanding for me,” McCown told “When we started to install things, you started to see the system take shape and how everything was coming to fruition and man, it was fun.”