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Fish of the Week: Schooling bass

Marist senior Tom “Sully” Sullivan earned earned some consolation and Fish of the Week honors with this big bass caught from Clinton Lake on Sunday.

Well, let Dave Engel tell the story:

Dave Engel her from Marist high school , had some of the team down on clinton lake this past sunday to fish in the national guard qualifying tournament ,had a rough time competing against the locals, but did manage to win big bass in the 15 to 18 year old class fish was caught by Tom sullivan a senior from marist , he along with my son were in boat #1 that missed going down state by 2 ozs . glad this happened for him fished weighed 5.68 pounds

A little background.

Dave is one of the adult captains for Marist. His son Nick and Sullivan are a good fishing team for Marist. They won the Andrew Invitational two weeks before the ISHA bass fishing sectionals.

Then had their hopes dashed in the sectional at Wolf Lake on April 23 when they missed advancing to state by two ounces.

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