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Running of the Bulls? Remains to be seen

One improvement the Bulls want to make offensively this season?

Being more of a running team, more fast break. That could very well be on display Tuesday night, as the Bulls host Memphis at the United Center for their preseason debut.

Magic Johnson’s legendary “Showtime” teams need not lose any sleep, however.

Head coach Tom Thibodeau is all for fast-break points, but it’s about easy baskets any way his offense can get them. There’s still a defense-first, everything-else-secondary mentality.

“You want to be well-balanced,” Thibodeau admitted. “That’s what you strive for. And there are a number of ways in which you get easy baskets. The obvious one is the fast break, but the second shot is an easy basket, cuts are another easy way, off post feeds, things of that nature, but you have to be well-rounded.

“I’m more concerned with the type of shots that we’re getting. The best teams in this league are not going to give you the easy-scoring opportunities off the quick break. Most teams are sending three guys back, so when you have defenders back you have to flow into secondary action. We’re trying to read that better and hopefully we can get into a flow.”

How often there is a running of the Bulls will also depend on the personnel on the floor. If Thibodeau is using a lineup with Luol Deng and Taj Gibson as wing players, the message is simple.

“He wants us the wings to be able to take off and run,” Deng said. “We look for the early shot and if it’s there we’ll take it, if not we’ll run the offense.”