Sue’s Morning Stretch: What’s on morning TV talk shows

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Here’s what’s caught my eye on TV talk shows:

  • “Today” revamped its set and now is emphasizing social media. That must be why we get to watch the anchors all looking at their phone as they’re going to commercial, supposedly texting or whatever. Silly.
  • Also on “Today,” a piece on the beautiful and candid supermodel Bar Refaeli lamenting her inability to find a man. According to Leonardi Di Caprio’s ex, she is smart and funny, likes to go out but is OK with staying in, too. “Why Am I Alone?” she asks. That needy vibe might be working against her. Or was the story just framed to make her seem desperate? Hmmm.
  • Lots of conversation everywhere on the selfie new mama Kim Kardashian posted that spotlighted her booty. Men panting everywhere. But only on “You & Me This Morning” did Jeanne Sparrow offer the helpful tip on how to have a Kim backside if it doesn’t come naturally. She reports there are shapers out there that add back padding. (Frederick’s of Hollywood was ahead of its time.) Tune in Monday and Jeanne promises to have the brand and more details on the one her cousin uses.
  • Man, that WGN morning team is a tough one. Ana Belaval was having a choking fit as her segment was starting and had to go off-camera. Did they express concern? Heck no, they start chiding her to man up and finish her story. That’s journalists for you.
  • I thought it was going to be a segment about me on “GMA,” women addicted to candy. But no, it was about how women (25-55) are obsessed with the social media game Candy Crush Saga.They’re spending big bucks, sneaking away from vacations to play it, & its impacting relationships. That doesn’t happen with my addiction to Snickers.
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