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Miley Cyrus sexually-explicit video causes huge controversy

Just when it seemed that Miley Cyrus was leaving controversy behind — except for the ongoing (not exactly controversial) gossip about whether her engagement to Liam Hemsworth was on — or off.

Then there came her twerking bit at the Video Music Awards show — and now the big hoopla caused by her “Wrecking Ball” video, boosting her new single.

Obviously, part of a carefully-scripted, ongoing plan to move the former “Hannah Montana” pre-teen star into the world of full-blown sexuality.

Millions have seen the video which has gone very viral — to say the least! There’s certainly a lot of online criticism of Cyrus being nude, shown in scanty lingerie and getting suggestively, uh, oral with a sledgehammer — which likely has drawn the most angry comments, especially from the parents of younger kids.

While Cyrus likely will ignore most of the remarks — except to enjoy how it’s keeping her name in the headlines — she may want to hear what a couple of major Hollywood decision-makers told me Wednesday.

“While it is pretty edgy, I think it’s part of what Miley has to continue to do. She wants to be seen in the same league as Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Madonna, and we know how important sexually-explicit videos have been to their careers,” said a major music industry honcho.

“Forget the sexuality, I just don’t think there’s much artistry to it,” added another important record label exec — critiquing the video. ‘I don’t think this will be much discussed in another month or two.”