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'Blurred Lines' star to appear in film version of 'Gone Girl'

Credit: emrata

“I’ll go into these meetings with studios. They’ll say to me, ‘We’re so excited to have you audition for this.’ I’ll be like, ‘Have you ever seen me act?'”

So said Emily Ratajkowski — whom you might remember from Robin Thicke’s sexed-up video for his controversial tune “Blurred Lines” — in Rolling Stone last month.

No matter. Ratajkowski was just cast in the film adaptation of Chicago author Gillian Flynn’s mega-bestselling book “Gone Girl,” which has moved millions of copies worldwide. Filmmakers, Ratajkowski also told Rolling Stone, “feel I have a presence on camera.”

Though it’ll probably take more than presence to play the mistress of Ben Affleck’s lead character. Or not. Production is slated to begin this fall.