The Evening Rush for Tuesday, Sept. 3. 2013

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The must-read news stories for Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013

US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill on September 3, 2013 in Washington. AFP PHOTO/Brendan Smialowski

Support (sorta) grows for Syria action

President Obama got some key support today for his planned course of action in Syria from Congressional heavy-hitters, including House Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. That said, the path to enough votes in Congress to authorize action isn’t a clear one yet, as Lynn Sweet outlines 10 different factions who could determine how the vote turns out. Still, there’s the issue of public support — not that past presidents have really given a damn about that — and according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, nearly 60 percent of those questioned oppose military action; Democrats and Republicans came in at pretty much equal numbers but a much higher rating of Independents oppose action. But, again, that matters little. In fact, the U.S. and Israel have already conducted a joint test of missiles in the Mediterranean. So there’s this to look forward to… [Sun-Times, Lynn Sweet, WaPo Poll, N.Y. Times]

First Amendment, Schmirst Amendment

Once again, a judge is steamrolling right over Freedom of the Press and trying to squeeze a Joliet journalist into giving up a source who leaked to him a police report of a double murder earlier this year. [Sun-Times]

What it’s like

Ever wondered what it’s like to teach high school in one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods? [The Guardian]

Preventable deaths

The CDC is reporting that at least 200,000 deaths from heart disease and stroke were preventable. [Sun-Times]

Heavy hitters

Another edition of Who’s Who in Chicago Business, another year I’ve been snubbed. [Crain’s]

Inspector General

Joe Ferguson is being brought back as the city’s Inspector General — for a time, anyway — despite disagreements with Mayor Emanuel (because a watchdog should agree with the people he’s keeping an eye on?), a move that’s being applauded. [Sun-Times, Sun-Times]

Minnesota nice

The mayor of Minneapolis thinks it’s a bummer and silly that same-sex couples can’t get married in Chicago (which, well, it is) so why not come on over and get hitched in the Twin Cities? [DNA Info]

And Nero fiddles…

Budget crunch? Pension crisis? Nah, let’s give the state capitol a $50 million makeover because screw it! [Sun-Times]

Not AAA rated

There’s a site called “Ghetto Tracker” that tells you what neighborhoods in cities are allegedly unsafe or not and there are only a million different offensive things about this. [GhettoTracker]

Hot stuff

Someone in Britain claims a building melted their car. It kinda makes sense when you read it. [Sun-Times]

Bear down!

It’s Opening Week for the Bears so it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. [Sun-Times]


More from Diana Nyad a day after she completed her historic swim. [L.A. Times]

The Bright One

A special one for today: Singer-songwriter Neko Case, whose new LP is out today and is wonderful in a million different ways, talks to the legendary Mavis Staples for the Chicago Reader. [The Reader]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

Oh, like YOU have never had to deal with a drunk moose preventing you from entering your house. [N.Y. Daily News]

The Latest
The spray version of naloxone will be available for sale by late summer. Experts praised the move to make it more accessible as the national opioid crisis continues. But they are concerned the drug could be too expensive without a prescription.
Chef de cuisine Damarr Brown of Hyde Park’s Virtue Restaurant & Bar, is among the nominees in the category of emerging chef.
Who could be optimistic that lawmakers will make any significant changes to our gun laws, even changes a majority of Americans want?
Opponents of the proposed reforms are right that unlimited majority rule is a recipe for tyranny.
Championship teams need a quarterback. and Incoming president/CEO Kevin Warren believes the Bears have theirs.