I’m probably less patriotic than the majority of NFL players who kneel during the anthem. However, I stand up for the anthem — not out of patriotism but out of respect for those in the military and those who still believe in this country. People seem to forget that there is no free speech in the work place.  If you are disrespectful to a supervisor or a customer, you can be fired.  Fans are customers. NFL players should be respectful to their customers.  They can protest as much as they want outside of work.

Howard Klopp, Norwood Park

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A suit at a football game?

Who wears a suit to a football game? Vice President Mike Pence continues the Republican Party’s agenda of deflecting attention from the important issues facing our country. President Trump has told more than 1,000 lies and half-truths while standing in front of our American flag. How much respect does this administration really have for the flag and the anthem?

Jay Massey, Glenview    

The world laughs at us

“Oh would some power the giftie gie us, To see ourselves as others see us.” — Scottish poet Robert Burns

Yes, we are the laughingstock of the rest of the world. It is insane to allow citizens to have military weapons that have no use other than killing. It is insane to allow these weapons to keep killing people and doing nothing about it.

Lee Knohl, Evanston

Pay attention to the non-billionaires

On Wednesday, columnist Phil Kadner pointed out the evidently not-obvious-enough-to-some-people point that J.B. Pritzker is nothing more than a Democratic Bruce Rauner. There are other talented candidates that have high skills, not high net worths. They deserve consideration from the voters. For the sake of our state, I would love to see the Sun-Times give more coverage to them.

Don Anderson, Oak Park

Where did he get every gun?

Speculation in the media about the Las Vegas shooter’s motivation avoid the real issue. What Americans need to know is how he obtained each and every gun he had, which would help us understand how to prevent the proliferation of weapons. We also need to know how he managed to bring his arsenal into the hotel. If Congress won’t stop the spread of guns, then beef up security in large buildings.

The price of not doing anything is more deaths.

Beth Najberg, Near North