Forget Cannes fest’s foot fetish; get out of those high heels

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PHOTO: Stop wearing shoes that hurt your feet! | FRAZER HARRISON~GETTY IMAGES

By now you’ve probably heard the reviews coming out of the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival are pretty negative.

Not those for the films themselves, but of the festival’s obsession with women’s footwear.

The prestigious — but let’s face it, also a bit stodgy and predominantly aging white male — festival has come under fire for being so strict about footwear. Supposedly, the long-standing dress code for the invitation-only event has been that the women show up in dresses and heels while the men wear tuxedos and black shoes (flat ones, of course).

But this year, some women decided they couldn’t or wouldn’t do heels. Several sensible women and at least one with a medical condition — even the ones in rhinestone-studded flats — were turned away from screenings, according to ScreenDaily. Sigh. And this was supposed to be the year the festival was showcasing women directors and producers to show how with it Cannes, to show us all how it embraces gender equality. Not happening!


Emily Blunt at the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival. No doubt

greatly missingher Converse kicks. |Clemens Bilan~Getty Images

Since we’re focusing on feet, it’s a good time to remind women that high heels are such no-nos for your body. I know the arguments for them: the shoes are so pretty and make the calf of the leg look good. But, oh, the pain and damage they cause your feet and legs.

And women know it, too. A 2014 poll by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that while 40 percent of all women wear high heels, 71 percent of those teetering on them say the shoes hurt their feet.

This is no surprise. Wearing high heels can lead to a dozen different foot or leg injuries, according to Medical Daily. Take a look at it’s graphic here.

So please, forget Cannes and its archaic rules. Forget all those stupid reality shows where women trot around in impossibly tall shoes.

British actress Emily Blunt, at the forefront of the disappointment with the Cannes debacle, told the Telegraph: “Everybody should wear flats.” (She followed the Cannes mandate and showed up in some pretty spiky shoes. We thank her for speaking out, though.)

Ah, but be careful even when choosing flats. If they don’t have enough arch support, your feet are going to ache. (Trust me, this is something I know a lot about.)

So be smart. Go for comfort — you WILL be able to find fun shoes that provide it. Your feet — and legs — will thank you.

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