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Rep. Bill Foster to support Iran nuclear deal: Only physicist in Congress

WASHINGTON – Rep. Bill Foster D-Ill., said Tuesday he will support the Iran nuclear deal, with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz joining him in the announcement on Capitol Hill to throw a spotlight on securing the backing of the only physicist in Congress.

“After closely studying the technical details of the Iran nuclear agreement, I am proud to be announcing my support for the deal. I believe this deal is our best opportunity to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and encourage my colleagues in Congress to join me in supporting it,” Foster told the Sun-Times.

Foster earned a Ph.D in physics from Harvard and spent 22 years as a high-energy physicist and particle accelerator designer at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory outside of Chicago.

Foster has spent the summer studying the highly technical agreement, getting 15 briefings – the latest last week – focusing on the science behind the agreement between Iran and six nations, including the U.S.

He is an important yes vote for President Barack Obama because his scientific credentials makes Foster a special validator for the agreement.

My column on Foster’s approach to making a decision on the deal – and his special responsibility as one who could actually understand it – is HERE.

At the press conference in the Cannon House office building, Foster and Moniz were joined by Richard Garwin, a physicist who helped develop the first hydrogen bomb.