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Former NFL players sue football helmet manufacturer Riddell

A group of former NFL players has filed a lawsuit in Chicago against football helmet manufacturer Riddell, saying the company failed to warn players of the limited extent to which their helmets provided head protection.

The players say in the lawsuit, filed in Cook County circuit court, they suffered numerous concussions during their National Football League careers and played through the symptoms because they never were told the consequences of doing so.

And they say Riddell executives misrepresented and concealed the long-term risks, promoting their helmets as safe and failing to warn that the product would not protect them from harm.

Those suing are Gregory Boone, Larry Brinson, Michael Butler, Craig Curry, James Harrell, Willard Harrell, Robert Harris, Carlton “Bailey” Jones, Brad Quast, Thomas “John” Reaves, John Michael Reichenbach, Adam Schreiber, Yancy Thigpen and Eric Wright.

A similar lawsuit was filed July 7 by former Green Bay Packers star running back Paul Hornung, who also accused the company of failing to warn that his helmet wouldn’t protect him from brain trauma despite knowing it at the time he played in the 1960s.

Erin Griffin, a spokeswoman for Riddell, declined to comment.