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Bears predictions: Week 13 at the Giants

Khalil Mack and Bilal Nichols celebrate after making a tackle against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ Week 13 game at the Giants:


Bears, 21-14

The Bears’ defense might not be able to heal Mitch Trubisky’s right shoulder in time for the game Sunday. But Khalil Mack & Co. will lay hands on quarterback Eli Manning — and not in a good way for the Giants. Season: 8-3.


Bears, 21-19

This is a tricky one because our pal Chase Daniel gets to push his luck in New Jersey. If he can outplay the erratic Manning, avoid mistakes and lead the Bears to a win, we might want Trubisky to rest his shoulder for another week. Season: 8-3.


Bears, 20-13

Don’t be surprised if the Giants keep things close. Their offensive firepower should worry the Bears’ defense. That said, the Bears still are the better team — even with Daniel under center. Season: 7-4.


Bears, 18-17

How do the Bears try to stay focused with the Rams game a week out? By saying all week that the Giants have a knack for keeping games close. Still, they’re 3-8 for a reason. Season: 8-3.


Bears, 20-16

With Daniel or Trubisky, the matchups favor the Bears. But on the road, against a 3-8 team, with the Rams up next, the Bears will be challenged to avoid the “trap.” Season: 9-2.