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Comedian John Mulaney enters rehab: reports

The Chicago native, a stand-up and frequent “Saturday Night Live” host, is said to be fighting alcohol and cocaine addiction.

John Mulaney attends a Dec. 16, 2019, screening of his Netflix special “John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch.”
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Comedian John Mulaney, a Chicago native, reportedly has entered rehab to address his addiction issues with alcohol and cocaine.

A report from Page 6, confirmed by other news outlets, said the former “Saturday Night Live” writer and host checked into a Pennsylvania rehab facility over the weekend.

The 38-year-old Emmy winner grew up in Lincoln Park and graduated from Saint Clement School and Saint Ignatius College Prep. He has been open in discussing his sobriety issues, once saying he started drinking at the age of 13.

“I drank for attention,” he told Esquire in 2019. “I was really outgoing, and then at 12, I wasn’t. I didn’t know how to act. And then I was drinking, and I was hilarious again.”

Mulaney spent four years writing for “SNL,” where he helped create Bill Hader’s Stefon character and occasionally appeared as himself on Weekend Update. Several years after his departure in 2012, he returned as a host, eventually fronting the show four times and winning acclaim for each.

He also created and starred in a short-lived Fox sitcom, “Mulaney,” and in the touring and Broadway show “Oh Hello” (adapted as a Netflix special), he and Nick Kroll played ill-informed, elderly friends in New York.

On Netflix, he also starred in three stand-up specials (including the Emmy-winning “Kid Gorgeous At Radio City”) and the children’s program “John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch.” In November, he joined the writing staff of “Late Night,” starring his friend Seth Meyers, and explained, “I like having a boss and having assignments to do. When I’m in charge of something, not so much the best thing.”