Sneed: Former alderman, now imprisoned, for his whole life stuck to his ward, his roots and — most of all — his family.
The disgraced Bridgeport pol — a member of the city’s best-known political family — was found guilty in February of two counts of lying to regulators and five counts of filing false income tax returns.
The man was found unresponsive on the southbound tracks of the Orange Line in the 2500 block of South Archer Avenue early Monday.
The owners were bombarded with calls once news of the Bridgeport institution’s closure spread. “We know we are always busy, but the way they think about the food, and about everything is amazing,” co-owner Josie Rodriguez said.
It will absorb Chicago Community Tools in the fall and expand by around 5,000 tools.
Boguslaw Kasprowicz pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the failure of Washington Federal Bank for Savings — the investigation that also ensnared ex-Ald. Patrick Daley Thompson.
Thompson asked the judge to give him probation instead. The two sides made their recommendations Monday ahead of Thompson’s sentencing before U.S. District Judge Franklin Valderrama, which is set for July 6.
Rosalie Corvite is cooperating with federal authorities in their continuing investigation of the failure of clout-heavy Washington Federal Bank for Savings.
“Applying to a selective enrollment school is sometimes harder than getting into college,” Ald. Nicole Lee told the Sun-Times. “And we need better quality options ... if you don’t happen to get that perfect score or score high enough.”
Nicole Lee cemented her place in Chicago political history on Monday as the City Council’s first-ever Chinese-American member after sailing through her confirmation hearing and being sworn into office less than an hour later.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot had wanted a replacement seated in time for Wednesday’s City Council meeting. The Rules Committee was to meet Tuesday to confirm the mayor’s choice, but the meeting was canceled at Lightfoot’s behest.
Thompson was convicted by a federal jury in February. The court’s disciplinary action comes three days after Thompson’s attorney asked a judge to either overturn that verdict or order a new trial,
‘Once the smell of sawdust and the excitement gets into your blood, it’s awfully difficult to look away when you hear that old calliope,’ she told an interviewer.
The mayor is expected, by Wednesday’s Chicago City Council meeting, to reveal her choice amid pressure to name someone who is Asian American.
Jane Iriondo is now the fourth person to plead guilty in connection with the $66 million embezzlement scheme at Washington Federal Bank for Savings. The bank was central to the trial of Patrick Daley Thompson.
Documents subpoenaed by prosecutors and other public records reflect a growing desperation as he tried to quadruple the amount of money he was borrowing from Washington Federal Bank for Savings.
James Crotty admitted helping embezzle $66 million from from Washington Federal Bank for Savings by falsifying records and lying to regulators. He’s cooperating with prosecutors.
Thompson resigned last week after being found guilty by a U.S. District Court jury of lying to regulators and filing false income tax returns.
He should have known he shouldn’t be playing in certain sandboxes. Washington Federal Bank for Savings was such a sandbox, a playpen for scoundrels.
His guilty verdict for claiming deductions for interest he never paid to a failed Bridgeport bank, Washington Federal Bank for Savings, isn’t the only time he’s had trouble with the IRS.
Alicia Mandujano said the bank president told her to let Thompson into the bank before business hours so he could pick up the first payment. She said Thompson also picked up the second and third payment in the president’s office, which was on the second, non-public floor of the bank.