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Have some flippin' fun at John Barleycorn

Ahh, Flip Cup…the sport of the gods. And by that we mean the sport of the drunken, fraternity-loving gods who enjoy upending plastic drinking vessels faster than their peers (that’s just how they roll on Mt. Olympus).

No matter what you think of the “sport,” you can’t argue with drinking for charity. That’s exactly what you can do during the Young Associates Board’s 3rd Annual Flip Cup Tournament, which goes down at John Barleycorn Wrigleyville from noon-4 p.m. on Saturday. Grab up to five friends and register your team on the website ($30 person, includes unlimited beer and well drinks) to compete against other cup-flippers in the name of helping kids with brain tumors at Children’s Memorial Hospital. We know, that may not have quite the same motivational power as some dude named Zeus yelling “Pledge!” in your ear, but it’ll have to do.