Sneed Exclusive: Police shake-up

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Reverend Monsignor Michael M. Boland and Father Jack Clair, both of Chicago | Photo courtesy of Robert Kusel

Sneed hears a massive shake-up in the Chicago Police Department’s Youth Division is coming.

â—†To wit: “Getting kids to stay out of crime is imperative,” Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthytells Sneed.

â—†Upshot: “We have an entire cadre of people involved with working with kids, and it’s critical to a holistic approach to reducing crime and helping resolve the gang problem,” he added.

â—†The stats: CPD Youth division chief Robert Hargesheimer, who has just been made commander of the 22nd district (Morgan park/Beverly) – has been replaced by CPD Bomb and Arson commander Gene Roy, “who is assessing youth investigations in the interim,” said police spokesman Melissa Stratton.

â—†Backpat shot: McCarthy praised Hargesheimer for his “exemplary work.” He added: “Moving people into a district command can be a rite of passage to deputy chief.”


Mitt’s Pay Day: According to Sneed’s abacus, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney earned an average of about $58,219 every single day in 2010-2011. His net total for two years: $42.5 million.

Hair scare

What is the secret behind the concrete coiffure of Callista Gingrich, wife of GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich – the queen of immoveable hair?

â—†In an attempt to move the comb further down the follicle, Sneed tried to glean the tress tips from “The Sugar House” Salon in Alexandria, Va., where the petrified platinum blond tresses are tended.

â—†Hair tips: “She [Callista] doesn’t spray her hair or use rollers,” said a salon representative named Erica. Huh? “Her hair takes 45 minutes to do unless she is getting it colored … and she comes in twice a week.” (No doubt for a shellacking.)

â—†Hair twaddle: “She came here when her hairdresser was hired by our salon, who also does Mr. Gingrich’s hair,” added Erica. “She is very easy to work with and – as you can see – always has her hair done the same way.”

â—†Hair query? So how did Callista wear her hair before the blonde bob that never moves in the wind?

â—†Hair helmet: “I’m told she had a flip before she had a bob,” said Erica.


No, don’t.

St. Pat’s chat …

The grand marshal of the 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been chosen: Rev. Clete Kiley, who hails from Chicago. Parade poobahs also chose Misericordia’s Fr. Jack Clair as guest of honor.

The Word file …

Memo to Sarah Palin, who just accused New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie of having his “panties in a wad.” Methinks it’s called “shorts in a bunch.”


Filmmaker Oliver Stone, known for his adoration of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, says he’d vote for GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul … GOP political mastermind Karl “Dubya is my Guy” Rove predicted Mitt Romney would survive Newt Gingrich’s GOP presidential blitzkrieg at a Chicago fund-raiser Tuesday … Today’s birthdays: Dean Jones, 81; Chris Chelios, 50, and Joan Esposito, ageless.

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