Sneed exclusive: Ex-Gov. Quinn considering a comeback

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Former Gov. Pat Quinn. | AP photo

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The Quinn bin . . .

Sneed hears former Gov. Pat Quinn, who has been on the road visiting family and friends since he lost his gubernatorial mantle, is gearing up for a new public role.

Sneed is told Quinn, who was one of the founders of the storied Citizens Utility Board, is on tap for a consumer advocacy comeback.

“He is concerned nobody is looking out for the little guy,” said a top Quinn source.

Meanwhile, Quinn, who is a major baseball fan, mixed his love of the game with his concern for the plight of military families last week at Busch Stadium — home of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Sneed is told Quinn, a major Cubs and White Sox fan, called up head Cardinals honchos and arranged a special event at the ballpark for the families of children killed while serving in the military in honor of Gold Star Mother’s Day, which he’s celebrated every year since 2003, when he was lieutenant governor.

Quinn, who stood out in a sea of Cardinals red wearing Cubbie blue, drove to St. Louis in his Ford Fusion to meet and greet seven gold star families before the game in front of the Stan “The Man” Musial statue.

His successor, Gov. Bruce Rauner, also attended a Gold Star Mothers event Sunday at a luncheon at the Chicago Cultural Center and gave a moving speech thanking families for their children’s service.

But he wasn’t decked out in Cubbie blue.


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Ring. Ring.

Well, well, do tell.

Looks like GOP presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson is seeking divine intervention in filling his campaign coffers.

• To wit: Sneed just received a taped phone message from Carson, soliciting funds for his campaign in order “to restore the American dream.”

• The doctor uses the term “for heaven’s sake” in his appeal.

What’s in a name?

Here’s what: Now comes word Carly Fiorina’s birth name is Cara Carleton Sneed, which is part of a family tradition to honor all of the men in her family named Carleton who died while serving in the Civil War.

• Translation: In other words, one male child of every Sneed generation has been named Carleton — or Cara Carleton if a female.


U.S. Rep. Bob Brady (D-Pa.), who shared water with his wife and staff from a glass left behind by Pope Francis on the House chamber podium, was just sent a bill for $3.94 by the house clerk.

The papal fingerprints were obviously priceless.

The women’s room . . .

In what is expected to be a dust-up between Dem femme Hillary Clinton and GOP gal Carly Fiorina comes a case of interesting political timing.

• To wit: Monica Lewinsky, former President Bill Clinton’s old inamorata, is launching a new anti-bullying campaign with celebs like Salma Hayek and Michael J. Fox in advance of what is expected to be a spate of Hillary bashing over the Benghazi brouhaha.

Real estate, really . . .

In case you missed it, City Clerk Susana Mendoza introduced a city ordinance last Thursday creating a special vehicle sticker for realtors who park all over the city while showing property to potential buyers.

• Translation: A $500 annual sticker would permit a city realtor to park in any parking zone in the city. Suburban realtors would have to pay $800 for the vehicle sticker.

The two amigos . . .

Yipes! It looks like two former Obama advisers, David Axelrod and Bill Daley, are on opposite sides of the battle for U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk’s Republican seat.

• Former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley is on the hustings for former Chicago Urban League President Andrea “Andy” Zopp.

• Former senior political adviser David Axelrod just hosted a fundraising event for U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth’s candidacy last week at his home.

The Letterman file . . .

The New York tabloid press is all akimbo: Former TV talk titan David Letterman, 68, who sported no whiskers on the set, was spotted strolling with his son, Harry, 11, in New York sporting a shaggy white beard.

Sneedlings . . .

Chicago Tribune business columnist Melissa Harris is leaving the paper for the world of private equity. Harris joins Origin Capital Partners on Nov. 2 as vice president of marketing. Wednesday’s birthdays: T-Pain, 30; Marion Cotillard, 40, and Elie Wiesel, 87 . . . and happy belated to Sophie Iwaniec, 93.

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