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Snow joke: White Sox-Twins postponed due to wintry weather for second day in row

MINNEAPOLIS — On January 14, a heavy snowstorm hit Hennepin County, blanketing the Kentucky bluegrass of Target Field in white.

Oops, did we say January? We meant April. As in today, Saturday, April 14, the second day in a row a game between the White Sox and Twins has been postponed.

With more nasty weather in the forecast and Sunday’s game scheduled for a 1:10 p.m. start, will a third straight day of baseball go down in a hail of snowflakes?

No word yet on how all this affects the Sox’ pitching rotation. Reynaldo Lopez was due to start Friday and Miguel Gonzalez on Saturday, and we await word from pitching coach Don Cooper and manager Rick Renteria on how things will shake out. Of course, it’s hard for them to say when they don’t know if or when the team will play.

It's another beautiful day for baseball. (Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

And now, let’s all shake our fists at the Populous architectural firm for building a baseball stadium without a roof in Minnesota. Or maybe we should blame the Twins, the county and the state legislature for choosing not to pony up the estimated $100 million it would’ve cost to furnish the joint with a retractable roof.

Or we could just chill. Target Field is a beautiful ballpark — as good as it gets — when it’s, you know, open for business.

Anybody know if the Vikings are playing at home this weekend?