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Cicero oil production firm faces new legal action over antifreeze spill

A west suburban oil production facility sued last year by the state following a series of oil spills that contaminated soil and groundwater near the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, is facing more legal problems after an antifreeze leak.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Thursday filed an amended lawsuit against Olympic Oil at 5000 W. 41st St. in Cicero, which seeks to require the firm to “completely remediate soil and groundwater contaminated by the oil and antifreeze spills, and to take action to prevent future releases into the environment,” a statement from the AG’s office said.It also seeks additional civil penalties and reimbursement of the state oversight costs.Olympic Oil blends and packages lubricating oil and antifreeze products, and in February 2015, “approximately 50,000 gallons of toxic antifreeze liquid spilled from tanks and contaminated soil and groundwater near the canal,” according to the AG’s office.The antifreeze spill was not reported and was only discovered by federal inspectors on a routine inspection, the statement said.In the summer of 2014, oil and other pollutants leaked from the facility at an unknown rate, contaminating soil and groundwater, and entering the adjacent canal. In response, Madigan’s office obtained an interim order requiring the company to submit remedial plans to the Illinois EPA and AG’s office.It also required Olympic to submit new soil and water samples, and a report detailing the progress of the cleanup.

The next status hearing in the original suit is set for June 25.