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There’s now more to Taste in the Sun-Times each Wednesday

So much, in fact, that we’re moving the Well section to Thursdays — and giving readers a wider variety of content in both products, in print and online.

Photos of the revamped Taste and Well sections that are debuting in the Sun-Times this week.
Revamped Taste and Well sections are debuting in the Sun-Times this week.
Sun-Times staff

Last week, we took our digital experience to the next level, debuting a clean, new website powered by Vox Media’s Chorus platform.

This week, we’re giving our print and digital readers an expanded Taste section — and a revamped Well section, too.

There’s so much new content, in fact, that we’ll be publishing it over two days from here on out.

Taste — which includes a new column from Ji Suk Yi called The Sip and stories from our friends at Vox Media’s Eater Chicago — will run in the center of the paper on Wednesdays. The section also will have the great recipes you’ve come to enjoy over the years. All that content, including new videos, can be found online at

Well — which had run along with Taste on Wednesdays — will move to Thursdays (yes, that is Howie Mandel on this week’s cover; buy a copy to find out why).

Besides health news, we’ll include stories on people and organizations that lift us up through a new feature called Doing Well. We’ll also rotate in stories about investing, traveling and eating well.

And we’re thrilled to add Exercise Well, a regular column and video feature by nationally known fitness expert Stephanie Mansour, who lives in Chicago. Like what you’re reading from her? Go to to see her workout tips.

The expanded Taste and Well sections affirm our commitment to providing you, our customers, with more of what you’re asking for.

Thank you for reading — and watching — the quality journalism we’re producing every day, and don’t forget to encourage others to subscribe at


Chris Fusco | Editor-in-Chief

The covers of this week’s Taste and Well sections.
Sun-Times staff