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'I feel like the Bears really don’t believe in Cutler'

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Green Bay Packers defensive end Datone Jones has witnessed Aaron Rodgers’ domination of the Bears for two seasons. And he thinks he has an answer for the Bears’ problems.

“We believe in Aaron,” Jones said told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel after the Packers’ 55-14 whooping of the Bears at Lambeau Field on Sunday night. “That’s what separates us from the Bears. I feel like the Bears really don’t believe in [Jay] Cutler.

“It sucks. Guys are out there playing for themselves. … That’s what we don’t have here.”

Rodgers put together another masterpiece against the Bears. In the first half, Rodgers completed 18 of 25 passes for 315 yards, six touchdowns and a 156.2 passer rating. He would attempt just two passes in the second half.

Cutler fell to 1-11 all-time against the Packers in his career. He was 22-for-37 for 272 yards, a touchdown and a 68.8 passer rating. He was sacked three times, three an ill-timed interception and lost a fumble by holding the ball by his hip when sacked linebacker Julius Peppers. Cutler was replaced by Jimmy Clausen in the fourth quarter.

When asked about the Bears’ struggles in light of their talent level, Rodgers had some interesting comments of his own.

“They have a lot of big names, a lot guys who can play,” Rodgers said. “They’ve had some injuries, though. They’ve dealt with some pretty difficult injuries, a lot of their skill guys. Obviously, Peanut (Charles Tillman) being out hurts because he’s a Pro Bowl-caliber player.”

“But it takes teams to win football games. Talented players help, but it’s got to be like [Sunday night]. Our offense, it’s all 11 guys playings together and that’s what made us successful.”