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Dolphins fans are already getting mad at Adam Gase

Miami Dolphins new head coach Adam Gase speaks during an NFL football introductory news conference, Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016, in Davie, Fla. Gase was formerly the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator. (Al Diaz/The Miami Herald via AP)

Two days after the move was made official, both Chicago and Miami are in an unusual state following the hiring of Adam Gase to be the Dolphins next head coach. While Bears fans are concerned with who will replace Gase as the team’s offensive coordinator, Dolphins fans don’t seem to think they have the right guy.

Gase’s introductory press conference in Miami does not appear to be sitting well with some of the local media or fans. One of the biggest concerns was a feeling that Gase lacked the presence of a head coach.

Another complaint, which may be a bit more of a stretch, is Gase’s citing of a certain former Dolphins coach who didn’t leave a good taste in the mouth of any Miami fan.

In the end, it may just be a case of some fans and media members not getting the man they wanted. The Dolphins decided to get away from interim head coach Dan Campbell, who helped bring the team back to respectability after their rough start.

Gase is in the process not only of filling out his staff but preparing for the coming season. Whether he will be a successful head coach is still a question, but in the eyes of many in Miami, he’s already lost his first outing.