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Bears draft Valdosta State CB Stephen Denmark in Round 7

The Bears drafted Stephen Denmark. | Getty Images

The Bears won’t draft a kicker after all.

They selected Valdosta State cornerback Stephen Denmark with their second seventh-round pick Saturday. Unless they trade back into the draft, they will have finished it without addressing the kicker position. The Bears have three kickers on the roster — Redford Jones, Chris Blewitt and Elliott Fry — who have not even kicked in an NFL preseason.

It’s conceivable, if not likely, that the Bears could sign a kicker as an undrafted free agent late Saturday. The Bears will try to sign 18-20 free agents.

Denmark is a converted wide receiver who has tremendous size for cornerback: 6-foot-3, 220 pounds. He’s the second cornerback the Bears selected Saturday, alongside Kansas State’s Duke Shelley.