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Bears’ Kyle Long laughs off nude video stream by Tarik Cohen: ‘Embarrassing? Em-bare-ass-ing!’

Cohen went live on the internet after beating the Redskins, and a teammate was undressed in the background.

Cohen, more a playmaker than a filmmaker, was in trouble for a live stream from the locker room after beating the Redskins.
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It’s all fun and games until you broadcast your naked teammate to the world.

Bears running back Tarik Cohen got in trouble after going live on Instagram in the locker room following the win against the Redskins on Monday. Not only is that a violation of NFL policy, but right guard Kyle Long was fully exposed in the background.

Fortunately for Cohen, Long was easygoing and laughed it off.

“Embarrassing?” Long joked. “Em-bare-ass-ing!”

Clever, but seriously, how did he feel about the violation of privacy?

“Had I known that I would be full nude on the internet, I probably would have prepared a little bit more,” Long said. “But moving forward, you live and you learn.

“[Cohen] texted me immediately . . . ‘I’m so sorry.’ I said, ‘Dude, it’s OK. [Stuff] happens.’ What are you gonna do? The plane ride home was comedy club, as you can imagine.

“I was trying to go shower, then next thing you know you’re on the internet. It was unfortunate, but we’re moving forward.”

Cohen wasn’t nearly as jovial about it, especially after being reprimanded by coach Matt Nagy. He was shocked when friends alerted him to his questionable cinematography by text.

“It was unintentional, but it’s my fault because I shouldn’t have been on social media in the locker room,” Cohen said. “I reached out to Coach Nagy immediately, before he even found out about it. I wanted him to know that it was my fault, my bad, and that I was willing to take responsibility.”

The league prohibits social media use by any football personnel from 90 minutes before the game through the end of postgame media availability. A spokesman for the NFL said violations of the rule are subject to discipline by the club.

Injury roundup

It’s going to be a tense week for the Bears as they track an extensive injury report.

Kicker Eddy Pineiro (knee), receiver Taylor Gabriel (concussion) and defensive tackle Akiem Hicks (knee) were unable to participate in the walk-through Wednesday. Pineiro and Hicks are expected to play Sunday against the Vikings, but Gabriel is in the NFL’s protocol until cleared.

Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson (triceps), safety Eddie Jackson (shoulder) and defensive end Roy Robertson-Harris (glute) were partial participants.

The good news was tight end Trey Burton (groin) went through his first full session of the season, and right tackle Bobby Massie was full-go after missing Monday’s game because of vertigo.