Stash Dispensaries: Elevating the Cannabis Experience in Illinois and Beyond

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Adult-use cannabis sales and consumption have been legal in Illinois since January 2020.

Given the enjoyable experiences provided by safe, high-quality cannabis products, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that it didn’t take long for sales to reach $3 billion in the state. Those numbers are from around a year ago, too.

To the above point, market growth continues to increase exponentially, as suggested by the $140 million in statewide legal cannabis sales this past July, setting a monthly total record.

These revenues paint the picture of a cannabis market with plenty of supply to meet surging demands. This broader success can be a double-edged sword for dispensaries aiming to distinguish themselves. After all, it indicates that cannabis dispensaries are budding across the state, with 113 total being opened as of this past January. It can take a lot of work to stand out from the pack.

One prominent player in the Illinois cannabis industry that is embracing the competitive marketplace and thriving in the face of competition is Stash Dispensaries.

Introducing Stash Dispensaries, A Budding Presence In The Chicago Area

Stash has carved its niche as a statewide industry heavyweight, providing a sleek yet relaxed atmosphere for all comers.

At Stash, adult-use cannabis consumers, from enthusiasts to beginners, enjoy havens filled with top-quality flower, concentrates, edibles, and more. The dispensary is committed to providing a premium cannabis experience to residents and eager tourists looking for a taste of the local lifestyle.

Stash recently opened its first Chicago-area location with 10,000 square feet of retail space and a soon-to-be 12,000-square-foot cannabis lounge. This converted Ace Hardware building can be found at 9545 W. 167th St. in Orland Hills. The second location opened this summer in southwest suburban Peru, Illinois.

What Differentiates Stash From Its Competitors?

A significant chunk of Stash’s investment in the Chicago market has been poured into unique features and design aspects contributing to an elevated customer experience.

Emphasizing aesthetics and functionality helps ensure each Stash space is inviting, warm, and welcoming. The combination of knowledgeable, friendly staff and high-end products make for an unforgettable cannabis experience for Stash customers.

Visually, the goal is for Stash’s dispensaries to have a stylish, modern, and sophisticated flair. This way, anybody (of legal age) can feel comfortable, unintimidated, and even inspired by walking in.

A Watchful Eye On Expansion Opportunities

Stash aims to open between three and five locations in the Chicago area in the next two years.

As discussed earlier, the existing market demand for recreational cannabis is soaring. Combining this factor with Stash’s unique approach to cannabis sales and customer experiences, a catalyst exists for rapid expansion.

In essence, the leaders at Stash envision their business growing alongside Chicago’s general economy and cannabis industry.

Specifically, the big-picture thinkers at Stash cite the surging tourism industry in Chicago as a driving factor to spearhead the company’s expansion. Chicago is a diverse cultural hub that draws in travelers and locals alike, and Stash fits right into this picture.

A Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff Who Cultivate Customers’ Passion For Cannabis

If there’s one barrier to entry for many potential cannabis consumers, it’s a lack of knowledge of the product.

At the end of the day, we’re discussing a plant with powerful effects. It is an intimidating prospect for many looking to dip their toes into these new, green, trichome-encrusted waters.

Thus, Stash is committed to filling its dispensaries with a team of passionate, knowledgeable, and conscientious staff members. Each employee is equipped with a profound understanding of all products sold and is thrilled to answer any questions.

Those in the Chicago area, and throughout Illinois, looking to begin their cannabis journey can rest easy knowing they’ll have helpful guides laying some proverbial velvet. The budtenders at Stash will help you find the right flower, edible, extract, etc., for your needs based on the information you share with them.

The Stash team’s diverse expertise and exceptional customer service are ideal for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs, too. They’re always ready for a spirited conversation about all strains and other relevant details. Customers and employees enrich one another at Stash, enhancing the overall experience.

Moreover, the Stash team reflects the melting pot community you’ll find in the Chicago area. People from various backgrounds can be found at all locations (current and future). This mirrors the inclusivity the brand wishes to convey to customers, everyone is welcome (as long as they’re of age).

A Tailored Cannabis Experience For Customers Of All Kinds


Having exceptional employees and customer service is one thing. However, Stash’s current surge in popularity and growth and its future success are all predicated on the unique products it provides to customers.

Quality and customized curations are the name of the game.

Stash believes customers deserve a cannabis product tailored to their preferences and inclinations. Thus, each dispensary is stocked with premium products catered to all kinds of people.

Beyond that, Stash isn’t merely a dispensary. It’s an entertainment venue. There’s a vibe–an energy–in each location. It’s not just a matter of turning up and making a purchase (although that’s always an option). Instead, customers can enjoy a lively, holistic atmosphere as they explore and purchase products cultivated by the top growers in the country.

Looking For A One-Of-A-Kind Premium Cannabis Experience In The Chicago Area (And Beyond)?


As the Stash brand expands and breaks new ground, it will continue to focus on offering customers top-tier cannabis products catered to their needs and preferences, a vibrant atmosphere, and unparalleled customer service.

See Stash’s grand vision in action by visiting their Orland Hills and Peru grand opening parties on Friday, September 16th, which will feature live music, on-site food trucks, a consumption bus, and vendor pop-ups for all visitors to enjoy.

If you’d prefer to stop in on your own time and shop from the comfort of your living room, check out Stash’s online menus. Plus, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Stash directly through their website.

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