Fear not, fans of alternative uniforms! Despite not having a Shamrock Series game on its schedule, Notre Dame’s alternative uniforms will live on.

In 2016, Notre Dame announced they would put the Shamrock Series on hold.

The series, which begin in 2009, featured the Irish playing a home game in a neutral-site venue. ND is 8-0 in the series, where they would often wearing jerseys other than its traditional navy jerseys with gold pants and helmets. As part of the series in 2012, the Irish defeated Miami 41-3 at Soldier Field. Also, they traveled to San Antonio in 2009 and 2016, New York in 2010, Landover, Maryland in 2011, Arlington, Texas in 2013, Indianapolis in 2014 and Boston in 2015.

All seven home games in South Bend for the upcoming season.

However, the questionably tasteful jerseys will live on. A source told One Foot Down, a Notre Dame site, the Irish will wear alternate uniforms for one home game this season. Alternative uniforms at Notre Dame were limited previously limited to Kelly green colored jerseys. But after since signing an apparel deal with the university, Under Armour has amped up the garishness each year.

We’ve seen various patterned golden helmets with leprechauns with a severe underbite, shamrocks or the interlocking ND logo. They’ve had various design flourishes taken from campus architecture. Regardless of how the 2017 versions will look, it’s a safe bet they’ll be available for purchase at the campus bookstore. The last Shamrock Series game in 2016 featured most untraditional colors for the traditional football power — olive green and mustard jerseys

Notre Dame opens the 2017 season at home against Temple on Sept. 2.

Reviewing past Shamrock Series uniforms

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