Lincoln Square

One ordinance would require the city transportation department to “prioritize and incorporate” bike and pedestrian and mass transit improvements when resurfacing arterial streets.
The project will offer lower-cost housing in a wealthy area while preserving some public parking for nearby businesses.
He was grand marshal for 35 years of the annual Steuben Parade celebrating German culture and heritage and was to be honored this weekend at this year’s edition of the parade.
Magic and other circus acts will accompany scoops of gelato at Sideshow Gelato, coming to Lincoln Square next year.
The tentative agreement was reached Thursday night and will cover the more than 200 teaching artists at the school represented under the Old Town Teachers Organization.
“We started with maybe one out of four or five orders where we’d have a back order,” says a co-owner of StitchMine Custom Embroidery in Glenview. “Now, it’s every order.”
Nearly a year ago, before he became the Great Lake Jumper, Dan O’Conor was just a guy with a hangover and a need to clear his mind, like a lot of us then, really.
The vehicles were stolen within a week, police say.
The situation ended about 3:50 a.m., and the man was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for an evaluation.
Toothpicks have been central to Wayne Kuzy’s identity since he fell in love with gluing them into boats during a fifth grade art project.
By 7:50 a.m., normal service was resuming with residual delays between Western and the Loop, the CTA said. Service remains suspended between Kimball and Western for planned construction work.
In each case, a male in a yellow vest took motorcycles that were parked on the street or in large parking complexes in Lake View, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square and Uptown.
He was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, police said.
The new egg-free recipe, featuring cream steeped with bay leaves, is part of their in-demand holiday lineup of baked goods.
The 89-year-old woman behind the wheel was backing out of a parking lot when she hit the 28-year-old and then crashed into a building, police said.
Chef at Sweet Virginia’s Kitchen makes the pillowy, cinnamon sugar treat from her grandma’s recipe — and serves it complete with the hole.
In each incident the thief broke the windows of unattended vehicles and removed property from within, police said.
In each incident the person was able to enter the parking garage of condo buildings and stole property, police said.
O’Connor gets results for the ward, no doubt about it.
At least two men have been posing as repairmen to get inside homes, CPD said.
Lincoln Square is charming with a real neighborly feel plus it has restaurants with around the globe cuisine.
The assaults happened over a two-year period starting when the girl was 12, according to prosecutors.
Wisdom does not necessarily come with age — at least not for an alleged senior citizen bank robber who left a few clues behind, authorities said.