Highland Park parade shooting

The latest news and coverage on the mass shooting that occurred the morning of July 4, 2022, during the Fourth of July parade in suburban Highland Park.

Nancy Rotering spoke Friday to the Lake County Board in Waukegan.
Robert E. Crimo III is accused of opening fire from a rooftop during the Fourth of July parade, killing seven people and wounding 48 others.
Robert Crimo III appears to have made now-removed posts against Jews, African Americans and Asian Americans on a website whose administrator says he’s “cooperating with authorities.”
A business recovery center will be at the First Bank of Highland Park through Aug. 11.
Cook County sheriff’s police told Illinois legislators Thursday that “manpower” issues are the main reason the revoked cards are still in the hands of potentially dangerous people.
Keely Roberts makes her first public comments since her 8-year-old son was paralyzed by a gunman’s bullet on July 4.
Robert Crimo III is charged with 21 counts of murder, three for each person who died when he allegedly opened fire from a downtown roof during the Fourth of July parade. He also faces counts of attempted murder and aggravated battery for each of the 48 people wounded that day.
Brittany Wroblewski, near the epicenter of the massacre said, after the first shots were fired, “I will never forget the suspicious, hazy hush that swept over the crowd for those first couple of pops.”
The Smashing Pumpkins frontman has lived in Highland Park for years. The benefit will be at Madame Zuzu’s, the tea house he runs with his partner, clothing designer Chloé Mendel.
“I will not stop trying. We will not stop trying,” Mayor Nancy Rotering said of the fight for a federal ban of assault rifles and high capacity magazines.
The boy was able to have a popsicle, his first liquid since the shooting. And he was thrilled to get a jersey with his name on it from the Milwaukee Brewers, his favorite baseball team.
You’d have to qualify for a permit to buy a gun. Oregon appears to be the only state with a gun safety initiative on the ballot this year. Volunteers stepped up after mass shootings in Highland Park, Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo.
When gunfire started at the July 4 parade, Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering testified Wednesday, “Adults stared back, not comprehending. But the kids knew immediately this wasn’t a drill and they yelled to everyone to run and hide. They knew what was happening.”
Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering will be among those testifying at the Wednesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing starting at 9 a.m. Chicago time.
McCarthy, 37, worked at a gene therapy startup and graduated from DePaul University; he died alongside his wife, Irina.
Some people calling Hispanic residents in the Highland Park area have claimed to be lawyers, or say they work for the Mexican consulate, and have offered help — for a fee — in getting visas intended for victims of violent crimes.
Deemed a “first step” by gun control advocates, the new emergency rule is designed to allow State Police to consider a larger range of information in the definition of clear and present danger and clarify the agency’s authority to use the reports.
“He sat up, with assistance, and took a brief ride in a wheelchair over the weekend — sadly something he will need to get used to,” the family said.
Corgan, a 20-year resident of Highland Park, said the show will be at the city’s Madame Zuzu’s tea house, which he owns with his partner Chloe Mendel.
“Please keep sending love and prayers to my son as he continues to fight as hard as he can,” Cooper’s mother, Keely Roberts, said Friday. “The family is very grateful for the outpouring of support and well wishes.”
For an “evil purpose, a semi-automatic rifle is the perfect weapon, because it is lightweight, portable and easy to load with high-capacity magazines,” Duckworth said in a Senate speech pleading for an assault weapons ban.
Said Abby Brosio, who spotted the Highland Park gunman on a roof: “I am done being complacent and desensitized. I am certainly sick of everyone’s empty thoughts and prayers with no actions to back them up. Action is what is needed now.”
More than 1,000 people gathered and lit candles in honor of the seven people killed and dozens more wounded in the Independence Day parade shooting in Highland Park last week.
The Highland Park boy again is in critical condition, with a partially collapsed lung and a new infection. He underwent additional, complex surgery, according to his family.
“Irina flourished and blossomed as a mother,” a close friend said Tuesday at her funeral service in Wilmette.