Ukrainian Village

St. Nicholas Cathedral School in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village fields daily inquiries from parents fleeing the European country as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, according to school officials.
TaKorea Cocina’s owner said last year he paid nearly $100K to third-party apps, which have become so popular restaurants have no choice but to use them — even if it could force them out of business.
Dozens of blue and yellow Ukrainian flags flew above a crowd of hundreds standing at the base of the Water Tower, while community leaders and politicians made speeches from the top of the stairs.
The former presidents posted videos to social media Friday, laying flowers at the steps of Saints Volodymyr & Olha Catholic Church.
Comedian knows Putin is wrong because of the haircutter who ‘did to my head what Russia wants to do to Ukraine.’
Surveillance video shows a person fleeing the store with two bags of merchandise.
Surveillance video caught the burglary in the 2300 block of West Chicago Avenue early Tuesday.
Samuel Loza wins a $5,000 scholarship, and his school gets a year’s worth of Sun-Maid snacks.
If selected, Samuel Loza wins a $5,000 scholarship and his school gets a year’s worth of Sun-Maid snacks.
The 29-year-old man crashed Monday in the 2000 block of West Chicago Avenue.
She was sitting in her parked Toyota RAV4 when she was confronted by a man tapping her window.
The boy, 15, was shot in the arm and side and taken to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center in serious condition, police said.
Two males opened the door to the shop and unleashed gunfire, Chicago police said.
In each incident, someone broke into homes through an unlocked door or uses a pry tool and stole property.
The suspects forced an employee into a bathroom at gunpoint and kept them there while they took cash and a safe containing new phones, police said.
In both cases, someone stole electronics after taking apart the door’s deadbolt, police said.
Hear the story and watch the video that went viral and put Nick Massuci in the British tabloid press.
In each incident, victims are approached by one to three males who flash a handgun and demand their vehicle’s keys or the vehicle.
In each case, someone used a pry tool to break into homes and steal inside, police said.
In each case, one or two people approached someone on the street, beat them and stole their property, Chicago police said. The suspects flashed a handgun in one such robbery.
Marissa Sierra, 15, had last been seen 5 p.m. Sunday in the 1800 block of West Chicago Avenue, police said.