The man, 23, suffered a laceration to the stomach and was hospitalized in good condition.
‘Monument with Standing Beast’ — nicknamed “Snoopy in a Blender” — has stood in front of the former state office building for decades. But Google, the building’s new owner, has begun an extensive renovation.
The setup and breakdown of the race course was reduced from 25 days in 2023 to 19 days this year, officials said.
Five hundred swimmers will participate in the first organized swim event, which will raise funds for ALS research and swim programs for at-risk youth.
For the first time since 2019, the water taxi is back to offering daily service between Ogilvie/Union station, Michigan Avenue and Chinatown.
The memorial with the names of 2,936 Illinois soldiers killed in Vietnam that serves as the centerpiece of Chicago’s Riverwalk has been restored, and regular inspections and maintenance are scheduled.
The man was in good condition with lacerations on his face and chest after the attack early Monday, police said.
The 43rd annual 8K run kicked off Sunday at Columbus Drive and Monroe Street. ‘It’s just a great experience, especially the feeling of running with a big group of people,’ said one runner about racing.
The yearly race through downtown Chicago takes place Sunday.
An Italian American leader says that although the former president is worthy of the honor, it shouldn’t come at the expense of Italian heritage and culture.
A man broke through a glass door to the Downtown Islamic Center before the nightly prayers for Ramadan Sunday night. “It really ties into — from our side of the looking glass — to the situation in Gaza,” Abdullah Mitchell, executive director of the Council Of Islamic Organizations Of Greater Chicago said Monday.
Two men were arguing when one of them, a licensed gun owner, shot the other, police said.
The mayor touts efforts to bolster sports and cultural events like NASCAR and Sundays on State and creating a panel to advise on growth. The developers converting the Thompson Center for Google’s Chicago headquarters also shared that work on the building will begin in about a week.
The man, 52, was hospitalized in good condition. Another man, 42, was taken into custody.
Macy’s, the former Marshall Field’s, is still open, for now. But the place you remember is already long gone.
The plan called for Chicago motorists who block bus lanes, bike lanes, crosswalks or loading zones to be nailed by surveillance cameras on CTA buses, light poles and other locations. But nearly a year after they were approved, the crackdowns haven’ t started — and won’t, until summer at the earliest.
A string of 10 armed robberies began in Lincoln Park and moved west before hitting the Loop and ending in Austin.
Three to four males are suspected of stealing mail and vandalizing mail trucks in recent days throughout the Loop.
The blood alcohol level of Tangie Brown, 40, was .093 when she was tested two hours after the Dec. 7 crash, prosecutors said. Responding officers didn’t offer the test at the scene.
‘I dropped my son off at school, and that was the last time I saw him alive,’ said Blondean Gartley, whose son, Monterio Williams, was shot and killed last week.