Downstate Illinois

Residents told the Sun-Times they want public officials to take a holistic approach to the problems facing their lakefront city. “So it’s not just, oh, do this, vote this way, and boom, now we’re good. We need leaders who take a macro vision,” said photographer Jordan Esparza-Kelley.
Bailey’s campaign released five years of tax returns — reversing an earlier decision to keep them private. A day after winning the GOP primary, the downstate farmer told the Sun-Times he would not be releasing any of his returns.
“Those affected by the senseless shootings in Washington Park, Garfield Park and the families of the more than 500 people ... killed in Chicago this year — I want you to know that I am fighting to end this bloodshed,” the Illinois GOP candidate for governor said. But dozens of residents and activists told the downstate farmer to take his campaign elsewhere.
In anticipation of a freight railroad workers’ strike that would immediately suspend travel on four of its lines, Metra said it has been forced to limit service on some of those lines Thursday evening.
Jeremiah Carollo of Glen Carbon was one of three Illinois men sentenced Tuesday; the others were given probation.
“It appears more likely that he’s not going to run. That he’s moving in the direction of retiring,” said veteran political operative Victor Reyes, who has known the Burkes for years. “Redistricting put him at a significant disadvantage.”
Shane Woods, of Auburn, was arrested June 24, 2021, in Springfield.
The DNC will decide at a later date which city — Chicago, New York, Houston or Atlanta — wins the convention.
You can’t be anti-choice and pretend you value freedom.
The Sun-Times visited the downstate city to see what’s on voters’ minds. Perhaps not surprisingly, COVID-19, jobs and abortion are uppermost. But like much of southern Illinois — and other downstate areas — it’s all wrapped up in a deeply ingrained feeling of being forgotten.
After the Republican candidate for governor again ripped the city where over one-fifth of the state’s residents live, the mayor snapped back on Twitter.
Bailey — who is actually a millionaire from his family business — routinely portrays himself as the everyman on the campaign trail. “I may be a little bit rough around the edges,” he told the Illinois State Fair crowd Thursday. “But I will work for you, because I’m just like you.”
About $3.4 million of the money will be spent on 10 e-buses. Another $13.2 million will be used to upgrade the Chicago Avenue Garage in Humboldt Park — the first location to be fully equipped to handle electric buses.
Senate Republicans in Congress are against assault weapons restrictions; Democrats in Springfield hold supermajorities in the state House and Senate.
Much of the Illinois Department of Transportation’s funding for this program is coming from the state’s $45 billion Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan, but almost $16 billion more is expected to come in from the federal government.
Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, abortion providers from Wisconsin are making two-hour treks each way to help provide access to patients from their home state.
Ken Griffin said he was “all in” to beat Gov. J.B. Pritzker, but after Griffin’s chosen candidate Richard Irvin lost the GOP primary, the hedge-fund billionaire is out. And Republican nominee Darren Bailey is struggling to win over others who supported his vanquished rival, WBEZ and the Chicago Sun-Times found.
“The mob,” said Kinzinger, at Thursday’s Jan. 6 committee hearing, “was accomplishing President Trump’s purpose. So of course he didn’t intervene.”
Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering will be among those testifying at the Wednesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing starting at 9 a.m. Chicago time.
President Biden has been criticized for not doing enough on guns. Gov. Pritzker defended Biden. “He agrees more needs to be done, and he is passionate about this.”
The number of orders of protection jumped 55% statewide; domestic violence-related shootings and homicides increased 64% in Chicago.