Downstate Illinois

About 500 people were evacuated from the area of the crash in central Illinois due to an anhydrous ammonia leak.
It appears Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, isn’t dealing in good faith, given shifting explanations for denying April Perry a vote to be Chicago’s next U.S. attorney, Lynn Sweet writes.
One marketing expert compared the decision to retire the Madigan & Getzendanner brand, which bears the name of the indicted ex-Illinois House speaker, with ValuJet Airlines’ decision 30 years ago to change its name after a plane crash.
The Chicago host committee fundraising lunch is Thursday at the United Center, where President Joe Biden is expected to be nominated for a second term next August.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called Menendez’s actions “way, way below the standard” of the office.
Despite being banned in 1979, products containing PCBs made before that time continue to discharge the chemicals into Lake Michigan and the Chicago River through rainwater, the city alleges.
Gov. J.B. Pritzker and U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth are trying to seal deals with Asian companies — the governor with a direct line of communication with business heads, and Duckworth with two Asian trips under her belt this year.
Secretary of State’s office launches program to speed customer service at Illinois’ busiest driver’s license service facilities.
Three top officials at IEMA, the state agency tasked with responding to disasters across the state including the COVID pandemic and a record number of tornadoes this year, were pushed out late last month.
Illinois Republicans didn’t mention former President Donald Trump in their speeches. “Why is it always about Donald Trump?” state House Republican Leader Tony McCombie asked reporters. “Let’s talk about Illinois.”
An autopsy was inconclusive for the child, Jismary González, who would have turned 4 next week. She died Aug. 10 on a chartered bus in southern Illinois.
The link between the chemicals and this cancer among service members had never directly been proven — until now.
After the last Illinois rebate program ran out of money earlier this year, some car buyers were left frustrated.
Members of Congress ask the White House for financial assistance to address damage in the wake of strong storms in the Chicago area and down state in June and July.
Sales of weed in Illinois are concentrated among a few retailers, according to a Headset study. And the state tacks on taxes.
A supermoon occurs when a full moon is near its closest approach to earth. The second supermoon of the month will appear Aug. 30.
The possibility of winning the third-largest Powerball jackpot in history has driven local hype for Wednesday’s drawing. Many players have a personal system for picking numbers.
Book bans are brewing as an issue that could energize voters — on the left and right — from local contests for library and school boards to the White House — heading into the 2024 election cycle.
Lawyer Michael Shakman filed suit 54 years ago to end the practice of political patronage in hiring by state, county and local governments throughout Illinois.
As Wexford Health Sources’ contract expires, experts worry the state could continue paying big dollars for poor care.
Biden’s praise only goes so far, because the Illinois experience — where Democrats hold supermajorities in the Legislature — cannot be replicated in most other states.