Gage Park

GOP governors want to use the crisis to embarrass Democratic mayors, said Cristina Pacione-Zayas, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s deputy chief of staff.
The 59-year-old was killed Saturday in the in the 5000 block of South Talman Avenue.
Ald. Ray Lopez (15th) said he volunteered the field house —possibly through Dec. 31 — because “stagnation has to come to an end.”
Street vendors on the South Side are setting up shop for Día de las Madres, which takes place Wednesday in many Latin American countries.
About 40 vendors were forced to leave the mall on West 26th Street at the end of March, and had been looking for a new location. On Friday, they announced they’d found one — and had a commitment from the city to help.
Robert Santos, 18, was attacked in the 5800 block of South Western Avenue, police said.
‘There were a lot of kids because it happened in front of the school,’ said a witness who called 911. ‘And they go there to play. And we thought it was safe, so we would go and let them play there. But now it’s changed.’
In the minutes after the shooting, a cop can be heard screaming into the police radio, “10-1, 10-1, officer down,” giving the code for an officer in need of assistance.
In the two-candidate contest to succeed Ald. Ed Burke in the 14th Ward, Jeylú Gutiérrez faces Raul Reyes. And in the nearby 13th and 23rd Wards, two incumbents — one who broke with former House Speaker Mike Madigan and the other a longtime ally — are seeking reelection.
Jafeth Ramos pleaded guilty to one count of armed robbery and agreed to testify against her former boyfriend, Diego Uribe, at his trial.
“You don’t have to go down to Michigan Avenue to shop, you can shop right here on the Southwest Side,” said Rodney Watt, director of development for the group organizing the event, now in its 10th year.
A man was crossing the street about 4:15 a.m. when someone in a Lincoln hit him in the 3200 block of West 51st Street, police said.
Santos Nava, Javier Castillo, Asael Espinosa and Juan Rosales, drivers for Naty’s Pizza in Gage Park, say they deserved an hourly wage and overtime, instead of being paid per delivery.
Jurors deliberated more than 10 hours before finding Diego Uribe, 28, guilty on all six counts of first-degree murder.
Diego Uribe, 28, is accused of shooting, bludgeoning or stabbing the family members to death in 2016 in a robbery.
Diego Uribe admits shooting his aunt and killing 5 other family members in their home in 2016. Uribe’s lawyers contend others were involved.
But his attorney says 2016 slayings in Gage Park home could not have been done alone, blames them on “four masked men.”
“What is notable is the mindset shift,” says Jadine Chou, the school system’s safety and security chief. “We are seeing schools wanting to support our young people more than ever.”
Jafeth Ramos was charged with 493 counts that ranged from murder to residential burglary, but she isn’t believed to have participated in the killing.
“He had a kind heart, and kindhearted people don’t deserve this,” said Daisy Torres, Jose Tellez’s niece, at the vigil Thursday evening.
Someone in a dark-colored sedan fired at the teen in the 5300 block of South Albany Avenue.